First Steps

The First Steps programme aims to help 115 new communities to identify important local issues and develop community action plans.

The programme is now closed for applications.


The First Steps programme is designed to give small community groups the freedom to develop action plans to improve their neighbourhood.

First Steps areas receive support to decide upon practical actions to make positive changes in their community. The programme offers 115 communities the opportunity to work together to decide what they do and don’t like, and what can be changed.

It complements and broadens the activity of the Our Place programme to different types of communities, which will continue to March 2016 and be delivered by Locality.

It is aimed at communities that are just starting along the path of community action and need a different kind of support.

A package of support and grants is designed to support at least 115 participating neighbourhoods to develop Community Action Plans to address local issues by March 2016.

You can find out more about the successful 115 areas in this downloadable spreadsheet.

For more information please visit the My Community site.

Organisations were welcome to apply to more than one programme, but please be aware that any awards will be at the discretion of the Assessment Panels and we will not double fund similar activity in the same location.