Life Skills and Education in Alcohol Foundation (LEAF)

Grant Programme 2015-2016

CDF is the Managing Agent for LEAF: we manage and deliver its grant funding programme.

This programme is now closed for applications.


Life Skills and Education in Alcohol Foundation (LEAF) provides funding for evidence based alcohol and life skills education for young people in schools.

LEAF has been set up with a remit of funding programmes that have already developed a significant level of evidence that they can help reduce the harm alcohol does to children and young people. Therefore, currently LEAF will only fund programmes that have been assessed by the Centre for Analysis for Youth Transitions (CAYT) as having both a robust evaluation and good evidence of impact.

A small grant allocation of £100,000 is available for the first year of the programme and you can apply for a grant of between £10,000 and £50,000. Projects funded must meet the CAYT criteria and could include a range of strategies which help young people to develop the knowledge, understanding, skills and resilience they need to be healthy and safe.

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