Community Investment Coalition (CIC)

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CDF is part of the Community Investment Coalition, a partnership of national organisations which aims to increase access to affordable finance for all communities.


About the campaign

Millions of ordinary families, businesses and communities cannot access fair and affordable financial services. This means families falling into debt, businesses going under and stunted economic growth.

A range of financial providers from Community Development Finance Institutions, Credit Unions and Social Finance Funds and banks are stepping up to serve this ever growing need, they are investing in communities. As the aftershocks of the financial crisis continue to destabilise our economy and society, and in particular its most vulnerable elements, the need for community investment has never been greater.

What are the campaign objectives?

The campaign goals are:

  • Increased transparency and public accountability of financial service providers to support consumer choice and allow effective intervention in underserved markets.
  • Increasing diversity of the finance sector with a greater range of providers offering a wider range of fair and affordable products to all households, individuals, small and micro businesses and communities.
  • Sustainable local economic growth with a greater share of locally generated income remaining within communities to drive economic growth.

Case studies

We have a number of case studies showing how organisations on the front line are taking on the problem of debt in their local communities:

Further information

Visit the Community Investment Coalition website to download the campaign’s latest resources, keep up-to-date on activities and find how you can get involved.