What is the Love Your Community quality mark?

Love Your Community quality mark

The Love Your Community quality mark has been developed by the Community Development Foundation (CDF) to recognise organisations and businesses with a track record of meaningful and sustainable community engagement.


Whilst eligible organisations include large and small private sector businesses, government institutions, social enterprises and charities, we have particularly focused on small and medium enterprises where there is a market gap in recognising and stimulating good practice. This has been designed with you in mind and aims to be affordable, practical and achievable. It offers a:

  • method of planning, reviewing and evaluating your community engagement strategy.
  • framework for comparing your community engagement approach to good practice.
  • robust way of demonstrating the added ‘social value’ of your business to potential clients, commissioners and the wider public.
  • celebration of achievements through a recognised quality mark.
  • means of demonstrating how good community engagement supports organisational performance.

The Love Your Community quality mark indicates that an organisation has a track record of working successfully in communities and has made meaningful and sustainable contributions to the quality of life for individuals and the wider community. The framework is also a means of gathering evidence to demonstrate how you have met the requirements of the Public Services (Social Value) Act for public sector procurements. It can be used to assess specific community engagement projects, or an organisation-wide approach.

The quality mark recognises three levels of quality assurance and accordingly three different frameworks are used to assess the quality of a community engagement strategy. The quality mark can be awarded at project, organisation, or supply chain levels.

The key distinguishing characteristics of LYC are as follows:

  • It offers a quality assurance process that looks at what systems, approaches and methods companies have in place to deliver high quality community engagement.
  • It can be achieved at three levels – at project, organisation, or the whole organisation and its approach to supporting good practice through its supply chain, or progressive development of a particular area of its business.
  • Whilst open to any organisation to apply, it is principally targeted at the private sector with the assessment reflecting a community sector view on what good community engagement looks like.
  • It is designed to be affordable and achievable for  smaller businesses (<250 employees)
  • It is UK-focused (not international).